My name is Stevie Randallyn Hansen. I've been tattooing for 10 years. My entire life my passion has been in drawing and painting among many other crafts since childhood. Growing up in high school the reality of a career in Art seemed unlikely. The lifestyle I grew up around I was exposed to tattoos from a young age. I knew I loved them and wanted them myself and it wasn't until getting my first tattoo that I realized right at that moment that tattooers got to draw everyday for a living. That's exactly the moment I decided to drop my plans for college and pursue tattooing. It was the best choice I ever made. I consider myself so fortunate to have been able to get my foot in the doors of the tattoo community and end up with a career straight out of high school.

My favorite style of tattooing is definitely traditional and neo-traditional. I specialize in those areas the most as well as doing cover ups and tattooing eyebrows. Although for eyebrows I use the micro blading technique by creating individual hair strokes by hand to give a natural fuller affect opposed to the traditional way of filling them in solid.

Aside from being a Tattooer I am a mother of two rad little girls! My time outside of work is spent with them and indulging in my hobbies of being crafty, hiking, being outdoors, camping and riding motorcycles.

I work in Las Vegas, Nevada. I love the desert and no matter how many times I've left it always lures me back! However I do like to travel and guest spot from time to time. To keep up with my schedule for guest spots and everyday work you can follow me on instagram @stevierandallyn